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Carphone Warehouse Cuts Samsung Galaxy Tab Price To £490

Carphone Warehouse and a few other retailers have quietly dropped the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab to £489.99 in what is the first round of cuts to hit the Android tablet; the phone was launched for £530 in October.

Bestbuy, Tesco and Dixons have also dropped the price of the unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab but Carphone Warehouse pips them all because it provides with free delivery and throws in a free 16GB microSD card that increases the onboard storage capacity to 32GB in total. A 16GB microSD card costs at least £16.

The offer is also extended to monthly contracts as well with punters paying £470 (down from £499) for the Talkmobile package with 30-days rolling contract, the first month free, 1GB allowance, all for £10 per month.

Carphone Warehouse still sells the Galaxy Tab for £400 on Talkmobile with 100 minutes, 500 texts, 1GB internet, the free keyboard dock and free upgrade to 32GB.

It also slightly undercuts the selling price of Vodafone for the tab. You still pay £15 for 3GB on a 30-days rolling contract but the initial outlay drops to £490 and you get the free 16GB microSD card.

A cheaper Wi-Fi version of the Galaxy Tab is expected to come out next year. You can follow our extensive coverage of the Samsung Galaxy Tab here.