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Channel 4 Commissions 10 Educational Games

Channel 4 has commissioned a number of UK indie games studios to develop educational games and smartphone apps.

The broadcaster will be investing heavily in the UK games industry as part of its new education strategy, a move that has been welcomed by sector.

The investment will come under Channel 4's Education division, which will release 10 educational games, social platforms and web projects aimed at educating young children and teenage Channel 4 viewers on subjects like financial management, citizenship, charity, health and fashion.

Some of the games commissioned by Channel 4 include The End, which will quiz teens about their views on life and death, and the financial management game Footfall. The game, which has been created by indie game studio Preloaded, will allow users to manage virtual businesses.

Phil Stuart, creative director at London based Preloaded, told Wired: “Channel Four Education's support for the UK games industry remains unfaltering and we're incredibly proud to be part of such an ambitious slate of projects. Games continue to be the best way to reach teens and Channel 4 education's 2011 slate demonstrates their understanding of this.”