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Developers Release PC Drivers For Kinect

Developer Hector Martin has released PC drivers for Microsoft's Kinect motion sensing peripheral.

Following the launch last week of hacking company Adafruit's OpenKinect Project, developers have been quick to create these drivers for the Kinect. This could potentially lead the way to a homebrew PC gaming market based around the motion sensing controller.

The NUI Group, which developed the original unreleased PC drivers for Kinect, has said that it would create a Kinect for PC software development kit which will allow developers to come up with PC games and applications that let users work with the Kinect on their PCs.

According to Tech Radar the group has said that it needs $10,000 in donations to start the venture.

The new Kinetic device uses a camera, microphone and motion sensors along with WiFi which will allow gamers to control gameplay just with the movement of their hands.

This new device is priced at £130 for the UK market and according to Microsoft it will revolutionise not just gaming but communication and home entertainment too.