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Elpida 32GB DRAM ups max capacity to 768GB

Japanese memory maker Elpida has started sample shipments of its new 32GB Load-Reduced-Dual-In-Line Memory Modules today.

The company reckons the LRDIMM modules, which consists of 72 advanced 40nm process 4-gigabit DDR3 SDRAMs in a double density package, will allow PC makers to offer up to 768GB of RAM on a single platform.

LRDIMM is a new standard for server memory modules that reduces I/O bus capacity by buffering the I/O bus line with the memory buffer (MB) to simultaneously enable higher system density and faster speed.

Current configurations only allow up to 16 modules whereas Elpida reckons it will be possible to use up to 24 of these new sticks, a bump of 50 per cent with some system tweakage.

Elpida says the 32GB modules offer the industry's highest density, have a maximum operating speed of 1600Mbps (but support 1333Mbps), need a supply voltage between 1.35 and 1.5 volts, and are compliant with JEDEC memory buffer (MB) and Raw Card K standards.

They come complete with a custom heat spreader and are sampling to OEMs as we write.

Mass production is expected in the first quarter of 2011 so they'll be turning up in a server near you soon after. No prices have been announced, but most stuff intended for the server market is out of reach for us mere mortals.