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Facebook Event Could See 'Project Titan' Launch

Facebook is set to hold an event next Monday, which could see the launch of its 'Project Titan' webmail service.

The event is scheduled to start at 5:30 pm UK time on the 15 November, and already the internet is circulating with rumours about what Facebook will unveil to the crowd.

According to tech news site T3, the event may see the official unveiling of 'Project Titan', the much anticipated webmail service and Gmail rival from Facebook.

The current Facebook messaging tool is considered to be poor by many users as it takes a lot of time to delete or manage e-mails. However, with the advent of the new e-mail service Facebook should put an end to this problem.

Project Titan has been put forward as a potential 'Gmail killer', and something that will heighten the ongoing battle between two of the biggest internet giants.

Last week, Google went on to ( ban Facebook from accessing its API, preventing users from importing contact information from Gmail to Facebook.