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Firefox 4 Beta 7 Matches IE9, Chromium 9 In Early Tests

Mozilla finally released Firefox 4 Beta 7, inching ever closer to the final version of the browser and already a few websites have put it through its pace against a pack of hungry rivals.

Initial reviews show that Mozilla has significantly improved the general performance of the browser but the fact that the reviewers used different test benches and methodologies to carry out the test means that their results seldom reflected the 500 per cent jumps in performance reported by Mozilla.

Conceivablytech says that FF4 is likely to be one of the best updates in Mozilla History and that given that Microsoft has been reinvigorated with the arrival of Internet Explorer 9, it is just as well.

Ars Technica pointed out to the fact that the beta now opens and closes as fast as Chromium although they used a six-core Intel computer with Chromium 6 (we run Chromium 9).

Betanews also carried a battery of tests and came to the same conclusion; big gains have been made with Firefox 4 Beta 7. The site however notes that there are some "gaping holes" that will need to be urgently mended before the application is released.

Firefox 4 Beta 7 can be downloaded here. The application - which only weighs 10.7MB - is expected to be launched next year, possibly in time for Internet Explorer 9, Chrome 9 and Opera 11.