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Fox Blocks Google TV From Accessing Its Shows

Fox has a joined the long list of major US broadcasters that have banned Google TV from accessing its content.

NBC, ABC and CBS have already stopped the web giant from offering full-length episodes of their shows on Google TV, fearing that the platform will cannibalise the US cable TV market. The broadcasters have also taken issue with the fact that online advertising is less lucrative than TV advertising.

Fox is the last of the major broadcasters to block Google TV from using its content, creating doubts about the future of the service.

Google TV aims to integrate the web with traditional cable TV by allowing users to surf the web, search for and watch TV shows, and stream online video straight from their TV sets. Google is partnered by Sony and Logitech for the venture.

Despite this latest setback Google are remaining upbeat about the project. Google TV product manager Rishi Chandra said during a recent TV conference that new technology takes some time to get adopted, the BBC reported.

“The web is a new technology and it's not unheard of whenever there is a new technology that a lot of the incumbents in the space are trying to understand what that technology is going to mean for them,” he said during the NewTeeVee Live conference.