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Ice hockey fan fined for sharing video links

A Swedish man has been fined for copyright infringement after sharing web links to pay-per-view ice hockey matches.

The fan, who has not been named by TorrentFreak, posted the URLs on his own forum chat which was apparently being used by 25 people at the time of the heinous crime.

The hyperlinks were originally given to Canal Plus punters who had paid to watch the games in question, but there was no added security, and anyone with access to the URL could happily watch for free.

In court papers, Canal Plus called the defendant's actions “an assault on the entire operations of pay TV services on the Internet” and that by publishing links to the streams broadcast openly from the website he had illegally made them available to the public.

Despite not being able to prove that any of the 25 forum members involved has actually watched any of the Internet broadcasts, the unlucky Swede was slapped with a $520 fine and ordered to pay $1,747 in compensation to the French TV channel.

The fines are pretty small in the grand scheme of things but, all the same, act as a warning to anyone thinking of exposing the idiocy of Big Media. They have expensive lawyers, don't like being mocked, and will happily spend millions of dollars ruining your life if you poke them with the stupid stick.