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LaCie Unveils Designer SuperSpeed External Hard Drive

Storage specialist LaCie has introduced a new external hard drive called the Superspeed which replaces its existing model and adds USB 3.0 capability.

The 500GB hard disk drive doesn't cost extra compared to the USB 2.0 model and comes with a grey Apple-esque metal case.

At £90 though, it is expensive for what is essentially an external hard disk drive but designed by French designer Philippe Stark. The USB 3.0 interface means that you will be able to transfer data faster than on the USB 2.0.

However, don't expecting like a tenfold increase based on the two theoretical maximum bandwidth figures (480Mbps vs 4.8Gbps); in fact, real life experience shows that the difference is around threefold.

As expected, the LaCie is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and doesn't require an external power supply. The aluminium casing means that it will dissipate heat faster and should in theory make it more robust. However, its looks means that it has already been compared to a whisky flask.

The LaCie Stark Mobile USB 3.0 comes with a couple of applications that allow you to setup automatic backup either on Mac or Windows. You will also get 10GB worth of storage online for one year courtesy of Wuala.