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LG updates Optimus handset

South Korean consumer electronics giant Lucky Goldstar has announced the enhancement of Android 2.1 is now available, for the budget LG Optimus GT540.

The original LG Optimus phone only shipped with version 1.6 of Android, where ‘Éclair’ 2.1 is downloadable for the device in the UK when it was only around for the Baltic regions until now.

LG’s Optimus GT540 is a low-end 3-inch HVGA touch screen mobile, with a 3 megapixel camera that has face recognition, an LG social networking client along with the bundled in music recognition Shazam app – which now ships with all LG handsets.

Android ‘Éclair’ 2.1 brings in to the mobile phone access to multiple Gmail accounts, support for HTML5 website browsing, a quick contacts interface, Microsoft Exchange support for the first time, live wallpapers and also Bluetooth 2.1.

This update comes only a short time after LG’s third Android handset arrived last week, the LG Optimus One with Google’s mobile ‘Froyo’ 2.2 OS.

The update does wipe all the information from the phone, although any data on the microSD card remains in tack but LG recommends backing up all the phones' contents before performing the upgrade.

LG Optimus GT540 Android 2.1 update

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