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LoveFilm For PlayStation 3 Launched

PlayStation 3 users will now be able to stream movies on their consoles with the recently launched LoveFilm app.

The newly launched PS3 app will allow LoveFilm to expand its presence in the movie streaming business to people's living rooms via games consoles.

Apart from ordering DVDs and games by post, users will be able to stream and watch movies on their TVs using the app, now accessible from the XMB.

LoveFilm customers who have a £9.99 package will be able to stream as many films as they want, while those on the £5.99 package will be limited to the amount of streaming they can do.

PS3 owners also have the option of signing up for a 30 day trial to test the service before they part with any money.

The company says that people with broadband speeds as slow as 2 Mbps will be able to stream and watch movies from the app.

LoveFilm started out by offering DVD, Blu-ray and game rentals in the UK and Europe, but soon expanded to online movie streaming services.