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Mozilla Releases Firefox 4 Beta 7

Mozilla has released the seventh beta version of its Firefox 4 web browser adding a new JavaScript compiler and 3D graphic support.

In a blog post, the open source outfit said that the Firefox 4 beta 7 will bring faster page loads, rich and interactive Web applications and 3D graphics.

First up is the inclusion of the JägerMonkey JIT compiler to Firefox's SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine, resulting in faster start-up time, faster page loads and improved performance of Web apps and games. The new Firefox beta will also support hardware acceleration on Windows and Macs.

The Firefox 4 beta 7 will also allow developers to bring 3D graphics using WebGL without the need of additional plug-ins getting installed by users.

“Web developers can now create spectacular games, vivid graphics and brand-new visual experiences for the Web, without requiring users to install plug-ins!,” Mozilla said.

The company added that the browser will also come with support for OpenType font format and improved HTML forms.