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Nintendo Files 'It's On Like Donkey Kong' Trademark

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has applied to trademark the phrase: “It’s on like Donkey Kong.”

The origins of the phrase are not known, but Nintendo said that the phrase has been around since the early 1990’s, and, apart from by the company, it has been used in various popular music, television and films over the years.

According to Urban Dictionary, the phrase first made its appearance in pop culture after a song by rapper Ice Cube, CNN reports.

Regardless of where the phrase actually originated, Nintendo wants to take up ownership of it and has filed a request with the US Patent and Trademark office.

The original Donkey Kong was an arcade game released in 1981, and the first of many in a series of games, including “Donkey Kong 64” and “Donkey Kong Country.”

Nintendo said that the trademark application it filed is “in honour” of the latest Donkey Kong adventure game, “Donkey Kong Country Returns” which is set to be released on 21 November.

A company press release already reads, “On Nov. 21, it’s on like Donkey Kong” announcing the upcoming game.