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Oracle Intros Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center

Oracle has introduced new features to its enterprise systems management tool, designed to allow IT administrators to manage traditional, virtualised and cloud-based datacentre environments.

The Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center will let IT administrators manage server hardware, networking gears and virtual systems from a single console.

The company said that the new tool was based on Sun's XVM Ops Center integrated with Oracle's Enterprise Manager suite, coupled with a few additions here and there.

Oracle said that new Enterprise Manager software will allow simplified management of Oracle hardware, software, middleware, databases and applications.

The tool is capable of managing both Sun SPARC and x86 servers and Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux operating systems. The console can also manage Solaris Containers on x86 and SPARC servers and Oracle Virtual Machines on SPARC servers.

Steve Wilson, vice president, Systems Management, Oracle said in a statement: “This release represents a significant advancement in Oracle's integrated application-to-disk management approach and is a perfect example of the value that can be created when hardware and software are engineered to work together.”