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Rembrandt IP Sues Seagate And Western Digital Over Patents

Patent holdings firm Rembrandt IP has filed a lawsuit against HDD makers Seagate and Western Digital over alleged patent infringement.

According to tech news site Ars Technica, the lawsuit, filed in a court in Wisconsin, alleges that the companies infringed on two patents belonging to Rembrandt IP.

The two patents, numbers 5,995,342 and 6,195,232, are related to toroidal thin film heads with low noise characteristics. The company had purchased the patents from inventor Uri Cohen.

Dr. Paul Schneck, Rembrandt IP chairman told Ars Technica: “We believe based on information that [Cohen] communicated and on our further investigations that there is infringement. We're feeling very good about it.”

The alleged patent-infringing products named in the lawsuit include Seagate's Free Agent, Replica, Black Armor, Expansion, Barracuda, Momentus, Savvio and Cheetah and Western Digital's My Book line, Elements, ShareSpace, My Passport, RE3, Caviar, and Scorpio.

The company has asked for "reasonable royalty" payments in compensation as the technology in the patents is used in millions of HDDs.