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Steve Jobs promises Final Cut Pro update

Apple boss Steve Jobs has confirmed that Apple's high-end video editing suite will be updated soon.

In another characteristically succinct reply to a customer e-mail from Dustyn Gobler, Jobs answers the post-production consultant's plea for a sensible roadmap for the industry standard movie-making software with a single line.

Jobs has answered many customer quibbles via his email address in recent months, and this one is actually quite verbose when compared to previous "yes", "no" and "leave us alone" missives from the past.

But it's quite rare for him to respond to what amounts to a threat, albeit a reasonably freindly one. To paraphrase, Gobler tells Jobs if he doesn't supply film-making professionals with a sensible roadmap for Pro Applications like Final Cut and Logic, they might be forced to turn elsewhere when faced with future purchases.

"I’m a television postproduction consultant and my clients need a road map. Apple’s Pro App road map," he says. "My clients are making multi-year, hundreds of thousands of dollars decisions and we need to know what’s going on with Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Server, and Xsan. We need to know that Apple won’t abandon Final Cut Pro because selling iPads is more lucrative."

And to add injury to insult, Gobler goes on to hold Jobs to ransom, threatning to turn to the opposition if Apple isn't forthcoming with its best-kept secrets.

"I want you to know that I’ve started to field meetings with Avid, and I tell my clients to consider Media Composer, Interplay, and Unity. The interface may not be pretty, but a reliable road map goes a long way."

And Steve's answer to all of this bluster?

"A great release of Final Cut is coming early next year."

Hardly a comprehensive road map but better than nowt.