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Wi-Gear Still For Sale Despite Apple Purchase Rumours

The CEO of bluetooth headset maker Wi-Gear has refuted claims that the company has been acquired by Apple.

In an interview with Barron's, Wi-Gear CEO Mark Pundsack confirmed that the company had not been purchased by Apple, adding that it was still for sale.

Pundsack was responding to a report published by 9 To 5 Mac, which had noted that Wi-Gear employee Michael Kim had changed his LinkedIn profile to say that he is working as an bluetooth engineer at Apple.

“The rumour is false. Wi-Gear and its IP are still available for sale,” the Wi-Gear CEO said. He also confirmed that the company was no longer in business but refused to divulge any more details.

Wi-Gear used to make bluetooth enabled headsets for Apple products like the iPhone and iPod Touch, such as the successful iMuffs.

The rumour that Apple had acquired Wi-Gear fuelled further speculations that the company was planning on introducing its own wireless bluetooth headset with iPhone 5.