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Zavvi Cuts Price Of Microsoft Xbox 360 Gaming Console To £119.99

One week after offering the Xbox 360 with FIFA11 for £135, Zavvi has slashed the price of the 4GB version of the gaming console to a mere £119.99 including delivery, £30 less than at Argos or other high street retailers.

Like last week's offer, the deal is available only through Ebay (via Zavvi's Outlet) and already more than 190 have been sold at the time of writing.

You will need to have a Paypal and an Ebay account and the device, as expected, is a new one, rather than a refurbished or a clearance one. Surprisingly, Zavvi sells the console for £134.95.

This Xbox 360 comes only with 4GB internal storage rather than a more capacious 250GB hard disk drive. It does however come with the same hardware; 802.11n Wi-Fi, 1080p streaming capability, 5.1 surround sound, HDMI output, optical audio out, five USB ports and a wireless controller.

You will be able to upgrade the console to a bigger hard disk drive at a later stage (this is apparently a rather easy process) and the fact that it is natively compatible with the Kinect is a bonus.

At that price, the Xbox 360 slim makes a very attractive media extender and a media player as well, one that could potentially rival the Apple TV. Now, this console would make an ideal partner to the Microsoft Kinect as well.