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Amazon Drops Price Of Samsung Galaxy Tab To £479

Amazon has started selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab for £479, a £50 discount from its initial, introductory price; this follows a sharp drop in price from Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy, both of which are selling the device for £490.

Both however sell the tablet with an additional 16GB microSD card worth at least £20 and Carphone Warehouse sells the tablet for £470 when purchased with a £10 1GB broadband contract that lasts only one month.

Amazon has yet to confirm whether it will cut the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in other territories as well (like in the US). We reported yesterday that 3 UK is selling the gadget for £99.99 when purchased with a £40 package.

The 7-inch tablet comes with a 1Ghz Hummingbird ARM-based processor, 512MB RAM and 16GB storage by default. It can also be used as a smartphone, something that Amazon isn't too keen to highlight having listed it as a tablet.

The Smart Media Device, as Amazon calls it, is currently the best selling tablet at Amazon ahead of the Apple iPad Tablet and the Archos 5 and the Archos 7 Internet tablets.

A prototype of the tablet has already been demoed in Japan apparently and rumours of a Galaxy Tab 2 model debuting next year have emerged lately.