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AMD Fusion Chips Maw Be Heading To Apple iMac And Mac Pro

A PowerPoint slide show presented by AMD’s senior vice president Emilio Ghilardi during the company’s annual Financial Analyst Day has sparked rumours that Apple may be planning to use the new Fusion APU platform for its iMac and Mac Pro desktop computers.

The slide show featured two Apple iMacs and a Mac Pro with the AMD Fusion logo below them.

The AMD-developed Fusion APU is a next generation platform which combines CPU (processor) and GPU (graphics) on the same die.

Apple has long been a fan of GPU power and it is quiet possible that it will integrate this new technology in its desktop line.

However, Intel CPUs are considered to be more energy efficient, which means Apple may not switch to AMD for its laptop line and stick with Intel, PC Mag reports.

Both AMD and Apple have not yet made any official announcement regarding the usage of Fusion in any Apple products for the future but AMD did point out that Apple added several GPU’s from its Radeon 4000 and 5000 series to iMac and Mac Pro back in August.

If Apple were to use Fusion in its desktop line, this would mean less dependence on Intel products for Apple.