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Apple-1 Up For Auction For £150,000

The first Apple computer sold by company founder Steve Jobs is up for sale at Christies auction house in London.

The Apple-1, which is the first Apple product to be made by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in Jobs parent’s garage in 1976, is expected to fetch up to £150,000 according to Christies, The Register reports.

There were around 200 Apple-1 like computers manufactured in 1976, but only a few survive today.

Early computer buyers had to pay $666.66 (£410) to buy one of these first Apple devices.

Apple-1 computers were the first fully pre-assembled computer in the world, despite lacking either a monitor or a keyboard.

Back in the 70’s, before Apple-1 made its appearance in the market, users had to build their own motherboard.

According to the Daily Mail, Apple-1 comes with a tiny memory of 8Kb, which is 524,000 times less than today’s standard Apple computers.

The first computer is set to be auctioned by Christies on 23 November, and comes with its original package, with the garage return address on the label.

It also includes manuals and a letter from Steve Jobs. Moreover, the package will also include an extra cassette interface which means it will have a read-write capability.