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British Scientists Developing Mobile STD Test

UK scientists are working on a new chip designed to allow users to check for STDs on their mobile phone or computer.

The £5.7 million project, which has been undertaken by researchers at St George's, University of London, has been set up to improve sexual health through technology.

The self-test chip can be plugged in to smartphones or computers, and will allow users to identify and diagnose infections immediately.

On release, the chip will be made available for £1 in vending machines at bars, hotels, nightclubs and supermarkets.

Dr Tariq Sadiq, the University of London scientist heading the research said in a press release: “Currently, if you want to know if you have an infection, your sample is usually sent to a laboratory and the results come back in a few days.”

“This kind of system could also speed up the process of communicating infection trends in the population to public health doctors, allowing for quicker responses to outbreaks of an STI,” he added.