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Dell Offers to Replace Faulty Venue Pro Devices

Dell has offered to replace flawed Windows Phone 7-based Venue Pro smartphones affected by Wi-Fi and battery issues.

The company acknowledged the battery and Wi-Fi problems that were reported on some Venue Pro handsets sold on November 8th and 9th and has offered to replace them.

Dell's Venue Pro smartphone went on sale on Monday but reports started coming in that the batteries in some of the units were labelled as 'Engineering Samples'. The company said that the batteries were of production quality and had only been mislabelled.

Dell has said that customers wishing to replace their handset can return it to Microsoft retail outlets by the end of next week and get it replaced.

According to Dell, Venue Pro devices also had Wi-Fi issues caused by a software glitch during the manufacturing process. The company added that it was not a hardware issue nor a Windows Phone 7 one. Consumers experiencing the Wi-Fi glitch have again been asked to visit their nearest Microsoft outlet to get it replaced at the end of next week.