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EC: Current Net Neutrality Laws Sufficient Enough

The European Commission has declared that there is no need for further net neutrality laws as existing laws are sufficient enough to keep telecos and ISPs in check.

According to The New York Times, the European commissioner responsible for telecommunications Neelie Kroes said during a speech in Brussels that the EC had decided to implement a wait-and-see-approach as far as net neutrality was concerned.

“We have to avoid regulation which might deter investment and an efficient use of the available resources,” she said.

She further added that revisions made to the European telecommunications law in 2009 will be sufficient enough to make sure that telecom companies and ISP's don't block or slow internet access to specific websites and show preference to others.

The EC is planning to make it necessary for telecom regulators in each European nation to define their own network management techniques. The law will also makes it mandatory for companies to inform their customers about the network management techniques they deploy.