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Facebook To Build $450 Million Data Centre

Social networking giant Facebook has announced plans to build a $450 million data centre in North Carolina.

The centre, which will be built in Forest City, is expected to generate 250 jobs during the construction phase and will employ 35-45 full-time staff when finished. According to Facebook, the data centre will be ready in 18 months.

North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue said in a statement: “We are proud that Facebook chose to make North Carolina a ‘friend.’ The feeling is certainly mutual.”

“The investment and jobs at the data centre will be a boon to that region of the state, and will help confirm North Carolina’s distinction as a global business destination,” she added.

The governor said that the state had been working with Facebook for the past year to help prepare for the multi-million dollar project.

Facebook joins a long list of IT giants looking to invest in the state. Companies like Apple, IBM and Google have already established data centres in North Carolina.