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Fusion Garage Phasing Out JooJoo Tablet

Fusion Garage has announced that the JooJoo tablet will be phased out with the launch of new products in Q1 2011.

Speaking to e27, Fusion Garage founder Chandrashekar Rathakrishnan said that the company was working on a new range of devices that will come with new hardware and an Android hybrid operating system.

“With the new platform, the current Joojoo will be at its end of life. What we mean by that is we will not have backward compatibility,” he said.

He said that the Joojoo tablet failed to make an impact on the market as consumers were not ready for a device that only allowed web apps. They wanted end-to-end connectivity and that is why the product failed to meet its sales target, he said.

The company said that it planning to launch a new range of tablet devices running on a new version of Google's Android operating system. The devices are set to be launched in the first half of 2011.

Rathakrishnan refused to divulge specific details on the devices but said that they will have 3G and will offered by big-name retailers and telecos around the world.