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Google Nexus S pictured

The first photographs of Google's smartphone sequel, the Android-powered Nexus S, have leaked onto the 'net - and it's looking like a pretty snazzy device.

The images, provided from an unknown source to gadget watcher Engadget, are about a month old - suggesting that Google's successor to the Nexus One could be just around the corner, with some rumours even stating a U.S. launch on the 14th, to be followed by an international launch shortly after.

Little is known about the Nexus S, previously known as the Nexus Two - although Samsung has denied involvement in the project, the device pictured by the unknown photographer bears the company's Galaxy S stylings and a Samsung-branded battery, suggesting that Google is ditching its partnership with hardware manufacturer HTC this time around.

The handset is known to run the next-generation release of Android, codename Gingerbread, and features a five-megapixel camera with flash on the rear of the device along with what appears to be a lower-resolution front-mounted camera for video calls.

Details on the internals are harder to come by. As a Samsung device, the Nexus S is likely to use the company's ARM-based Hummingbird CPU, possibly running at 1GHz or 1.2GHz, and will feature the same raft of connectivity options as the original Nexus One including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

With the rumoured launch just a few days away, we might not have long to wait to see if Google can capture a bigger share of the smartphone market with its second own-brand device.