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Google Street View Helps Police Catch Drug Dealers

New York police have arrested a gang of drug dealers after they were photographed by Google's Street View mapping service.

The drug dealers were caught selling heroin and marijuana outside a grocery store in Brooklyn, New York when they were photographed by Street View.

The police had began their operation after local residents complained that the gang had turned the neighbourhood into a drug market.

The police mounted a surveillance operation on the street and made 20 drug-related purchases from the gang before making a move. When they arrested a drug dealer, the police found 20 vials of heroin in his basement and a large amount of marijuana. They also discovered a packaging lab.

Google's Street View, which has been criticised by many as a useful tool for burglars, is quickly gaining a reputation for helping police with their enquiries. In the UK, the police are already using an image taken by a Street View car of a man considered to be the prime suspect of a caravan theft.