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Google VP Urges Switch To IPv6

Google's vice president has warned that Europe will run out of IP addresses by early next year, isolating the UK from rest of the online world.

Vint Cerf, considered by many as the "godfather of the internet", implored the UK government and businesses to switch to the IPv6 standard as the world is running out of IPv4 space, with only four per cent of it left free.

He urged UK ISPs to implement the technology as soon as possible. Cerf is the latest in a line of experts who have warned governments and businesses of the fast decreasing supply of IP address in the current IPv4 format.

Most of the European web addresses are based on the IPv4 standard. Considering the growth of the internet, the remaining space will be exhausted by spring next year.

The Google executive said that limited IP address were a "serious boundary" to the growth of internet and a problem that should addressed as soon as possible.

“You need to be able to talk to everyone in the world [who] is on the internet. If Europe doesn't implement IPv6, it wont be able to talk to the rest of the world that does implement IPv6 – that's stupid, and we don't want people here to be stupid,” he said.