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HP’s Palm Pre 2 arrives in the UK

Mobile phone manufacturer Palm’s latest mobile phone and the successor to the Palm Pre Plus arrives in the UK on Monday November 15th, SIM free and unlocked for £399.

Former 3Com company that’s now a part of HP has announced the Palm Pre 2 will be available for the first time not solely on the O2 network, but unlocked for use with any provider.

A few weeks back we brought you news that the French mobile phone network SFR will be carrying the Palm Pre 2 and that Vodafone is a large shareholder within that French network.

One Mobile Ring believed at that time Vodafone in the UK could very well be carrying the Palm Pre 2 and O2 might lose exclusivity – where we correctly predicted the outcome, just not the network aspect to that revelation.

The new slider mobile phone from Palm arrives running the latest version of the Palm multitasking operating system webOS, version 2.0.

Palm’s Pre 2 has the same outward appearance to the Palm Pre handsets from the past, only now there’s a 1Ghz processor powering the handset instead of the 600Mhz version from the previous two models.

The camera’s megapixel count had been increased to 5, from the 3 megapixel offering in the last two handsets where the memory and storage remains the same from the Pre Plus, at 512MB and 16GB.

There have also been improvements in the new OS, surrounding better multitasking and presentation of the running applications – where apps related to each other are now grouped together. Other notable enhancements to the OS run along the lines of universal searching, better address book integration, HTML5 browser and Adobe Flash support.

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