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Microsoft Unimpressed with Kinect PC Hack

Microsoft has reacted angrily to the recent hack of it's Kinect Device for the Xbox 360 that allows users to access it's functions on a PC.

Adafruit Industries, an open source hardware manufacturer originally offered to dispense a cash prize of $3000 to anyone who could hack the device and provide an open source driver.

Eventually developer Hector Martin won the challenge when he provided a Linux driver for the Kinect.

According to Adafruit, Hector Martin made this possible by running the drivers on his Linux laptop and also mentioned that he doesn’t even own an Xbox 360.

Microsoft however is not amused with the open source community’s effort to build their own Kinetic drivers. The company vowed to use technical and legal measures to prevent any third party from modifying the Kinetic camera for other purposes.

Martin intends to invest his prize money on more tools and devices for additional hardware-hacking. In addition to the $3,000 given to Martin, Adafruit also donated $2,000 to Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for defending hardware hackers.