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News@10: Twitter Joke Defendant Convicted, Google Street View Catches Gang & LaCie USB 3.0

27-year old Paul Chambers has lost his appeal to overturn his convinction after having been found guiilty of threatening to blow up the Robin Hood airport near Doncaster.He has been foundguiltyduring his retrial by Judge Jacqueline Davies who believe that the tweet of the former accountant was a "menace" and charged him of sending a message that was "grossly offensive or or an incendent, obscene or menacing character".

New York policehave arrested a gang of drug dealers after they were photographed by Google's Street View mapping service. The drug dealers were caught selling heroin and marijuana outside a grocery store in Brooklyn, New York when they were photographed by Street View.

It might have attracted the headlinesbecause of its design but the LaCie USB 3.0 portable hard drive inspired and designed by French Designer Philippe Starck is a tad too expensive for our recession hit pockets.

Google's vice president has warned that Europe will run out of IP addresses by early next year, isolating the UK from rest of the online world.Vint Cerf, considered by many as the "godfather of the internet", implored the UK government and businesses to switch to the IPv6 standard as the world is running out of IPv4 space, with only four per cent of it left free.

The second iteration of the Google Nexus smartphone may have been leaked by online retailer Best Buy complete with details of who might be the first network to get it.