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Next Call Of Duty Coming Late 2011 Says Activision

Top Activision executives have confirmed that the company is planning to launch a new Call of Duty game during the second half of 2011.

Whilst releasing the company's financial report, executives said that they are planning a new Call of Duty title, but refused to divulge any more details.

The news comes days after Call of Duty: Black Ops launched in US and European markets, breaking all previous records by becoming the fastest selling video game in history.

According to some sources cited by Gamasutra, the next Call of Duty will be set in the future and will contain space marines.

The rumour is fuelled by separate statements given by Activision executives who said that the Call of Duty game will "broaden the audience" by offering an "unique" experience.

Superannuation reports that the game publisher has acquired domain names like "Future Warfare," "Advanced Warfare," "Secret Warfare," and "Space Warfare", that indicate that the next Call of Duty game will be set in space.

Rumours also suggested that Activision has commissioned Sledgehammer Games to develop the new game, in a move that is set to excite old-school gamers.