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Nvidia CEO Expects Android Tablet Deluge

Nvidia expects there to be a deluge of Android-based devices into the tablet market to challenge the dominance of Apple's iPad tablet PC in the next few weeks.

Talking analysts and reported during a conference to announce results of the last quarter, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said that the popularity of tablet devices is because they are used in all types of industries, ranging from hospitality to automobile and healthcare.

He said that the upcoming landslide of Android-based tablets will be powered by Nvidia's Tegra processor which will “give you the benefit of higher performance and much, much better multitasking and better graphics.”

Talking to Cnet after the conference call, he said that the Android tablets will contain a new version of the OS modified to work well with large screen tablets along with smartphones.

“There's going to be all kinds of interesting industrial designs,” he said, adding: “And I think the high-level concept is that when you have such an incredibly low-power SOC [system-on-a-chip] then industrial design freedom really grows.”