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Over 1 Million Chinese Users Affected By Zombie Mobile Virus

A mobile phone virus has wreaked havoc in China, affecting over one million users and resulting in a loss of 2 million yuan (US$300,000) every single day.

According to Shanghai Daily, the virus has been circulating as fake anti-virus software and is spread via SMS.

The virus allows hackers to take control of the phone, who then use the information stored in the SIM card to spread the virus with SMS links.

The National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team Center said that the virus started to spread in September and that mobile users were fooled into believing that the malicious links were to genuine anti-virus software. To make matters worse, most anti-virus software fails to recognise the bug.

Similar malicious viruses have also been doing rounds in China, with a Beijing based security firm confirming that it had encountered 10 such examples of malware since September. Meanwhile, the company which creates the anti-virus programme that the malware impersonates, has said that it had no knowledge of such a malicious piece of software.