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Tiny Modular Xi3 Computer Sets Standard For Ease Of Use

The Xi3 is a computer that can hold on the palm of one's hand and in terms of volume, is about twice the size of the Apple TV and smaller than the Acer Revo Nettop PC we've seen in the past.

Apart from being tiny, it is also being touted as being very modular, measuring roughly 10x10x10 cm and is made up of aluminium which serves a dual purpose as a heatsink.

Its motherboard integrates three distinct sections, one for processor and memory, the two others for connectivity and I/O. Its small size doesn't prevent it from packing some significant firepower.

The base unit includes a dual core Athlon 64 X2, 2GB DDR memory, dual display for 1080p DVI, VGA, LVDS, 128MB side port memory, AMD 780e chipset, six USB and two eSATA ports (but no card reader apparently).

Jason A. Sullivan, President and CEO of Xi3 Corporation, said that the design goes against the trend of disposable computer and rejects the concept that computes should have a useful life of only two to four years.

The Xi3 will go on sale from next year for around $850 which is roughly three times the price you can expect to pay for a desktop computer with a similar configuration.

However, the computer can is small enough to be used as an embedded platform and is priced competitively when compared to other rivals within the same range.