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Apple iOS 4.2 Upgrade Delayed

Apple has delayed the iOS 4.2 upgrade, which was supposed to be released today, thanks to a technical glitch.

According to sources cited by Wired, the delay is due to a iPad Wi-Fi connectivity problem discovered by testers using the iOS 4.2 Gold Master build.

This problem has been the subject of discussion in various internet forums, Twitter and the official Apple discussion board. According to many testers the local network connection drops out after a few minutes of use, while others reporting the inability to use Safari browser in their devices.

The release of a patched version of the iOS 4.2 Gold Master could be delayed until next Friday as Apple will need time to fix the bug and run initial testing, which can take up to one week.

Other sources claim the bug free version of the operating system will be released by Tuesday, 16 November, however.

Apple has so far kept silent on the issue and has not announced an official date for the release, which will upgrade the operating system on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices.