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Founder Jack Dorsey Returns To Twitter

Twitter founder and inventor Jack Dorsey is back working with with the company to help 'fix' the product.

According to sources cited by Business Insider, former CEO Dorsey was edged out by Ev Williams, the company's chairman and top investor, who took the top job for himself.

When Williams was replaced by Dick Costolo, Twitter had said that the former CEO wanted to work on the product. BI sources claim that Dorsey is back on the Twitter team at CEO Costolo's request and is working towards "fixing" the product.

However, a looming question still hangs over the fate of Square, the company founded by Dorsey aimed that revolutionising the credit card market.

When Venture Beat contacted Dorsey for comments, Kay Luo, the PR person at Square, e-mailed: “Jack forwarded me your email. Nothing has changed. He’s CEO of Square and it’s his top priority (frankly, I wouldn’t have joined if this were not the case). He’s also chairman at Twitter.”