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Vint Cerf warns 'UK could be cut off from web'

Google's chief Internet 'evangelist', Vint Cerf has warned that Europe will run out of IP addresses by early next year, risking isolation from rest of the online world.

Web godfather turned doom-monger Cerf, urged the UK government and businesses to switch to the IPv6 standard, as the world is running out of IPv4 space, he claimed.

Speaking this week at the launch of 6UK, an outfit set up to promote the IPv6 protocol in the country, Cerf said UK ISPs should implement the technology as soon as possible, or be left with a local web as opposed to a worldwide one.

Actually a UK-only web might not be a bad idea.

Most European web addresses are based on the IPv4 standard. Considering the growth of the Internet, the remaining addresses could be exhausted by spring next year.

Cerf said that limited IP address were a "serious boundary" to the growth of internet and a problem that should addressed as soon as possible. Said said businesses should get financial incentives to switch to the new protocol.

“You need to be able to talk to everyone in the world [who] is on the Internet. If Europe doesn't implement IPv6, it wont be able to talk to the rest of the world that does implement IPv6 – that's stupid, and we don't want people here to be stupid,” he burbled.