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Blekko Registering 1 Million Users Daily

New search engine Blekko has claimed that it is already registering one million searches every day, only eight days since its launch.

The company, that has maintained since its inception that it is not competing with Google for search supremacy, allows people to take control of their own searches by using slashtags.

The idea behind the slashtag feature is to weed out spam and fake websites that most users encounter on traditional search engines. Slashtags allow users to tag websites that they trust and that are relevant to their search query.

Some of the slashtags created by users include: /liberal, /glutenfree, /health and /colleges. The company has also started redirecting around 8 per cent of its searches to websites registered using a slashtag, so that less tech-savvy users will not have to worry about slashtagging their search queries.

According to Wired, big companies like Google have noticed the platform and their recruiters are already trying to poach users from Blekko.

In response to this, the company tweeted: “Hey Googlers! Like working on search? Startups are more fun to work at than big co’s.”