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UK May Run Out Of Web Addresses In 2011

Vince Cerf might actually be wrong in his predictions that the final pot of web addresses will run out in the UK sometime in 2012 as it has been widely reported in the national press.

There's a widely countdown clock that estimates when the IPv4 regional registry addresses would exhaust - roughly 392 days from now which equates is roughly towards the end of 2011, on 12th of December to be precise.

The details of the calculator and the methodology used can be found here. It's worth noting that the warning by RIPE did not concern web addresses per se, but IP (Internet Protocol) addresses.

These have been assigned globally and there's a finite number of those (4,294,967,296 unique addresses in all); moving from IPv4 to IPv6 would significantly increase that number to a few trillion.

A growing number of network manufacturers and organisations like RIPE have issued warning shots to raise the profile of an issue that could have devastating consequences for the UK economy.

Whats more, Ian Shaw, Managing Director of MWR InfoSecurity, is convinced that hackers are watching the situation carefully to see how they could potentially take advantage of it, especially if companies are unprepared.

If you want to know how to deploy IPv6 within your organisation, we'd advise you to read this article from Team RIPE NCC, a not-for-profit membership organisation that supports the Internet infrastructure.

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