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UK Mobile Phone Networks Discard Palm Pre 2

All major mobile phone operators have confirmed that they will not be selling the HP Palm Pre 2 on contract or PAYG.

Pocket-lint contacted all the main protagonists and all of them said that they have no plans to stock the phone.

This comes as a surprise given that O2 already stocks the Pixi Plus and the Palm Plus. In addition, Vodafone owns 44 per cent of SFR, the French mobile phone company which launched the Palm Pre 2 worldwide.

However, while Pocket-lint argues that this is likely to be a massive blow to HP, the new owners of palm, one has to ask whether HP actually wants to become a major player in the mobile phone market.

We suspect that the Palm Pre 2 was almost ready to launched when HP acquired the company. Given that there's not even an HP logo on the Palm Pre 2, one can argue that the computer manufacturer chose to buy Palm for something other than its mobile phone footprint.

Those interested can already buy the Palm Pre 2 smartphone from HP Direct for £399 including VAT and delivery.