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"Antennagate" Man Joins Cisco

Networking giant Cisco has hired the man behind the iPhone 4's antenna problems as the new vice president for their Silicon Switching Technology division.

Mark Papermaster will be responsible for overseeing the development of silicon chips that are used in Cisco's switching hardware.

Papermaster, who resigned from Apple back in August, was held largely responsible for the "Antennagate" problems that plagued the iPhone 4, which caused dropped calls if the device was held in a particular way. It was rumoured that Papermaster was not able to fit-in with the corporate culture at Apple from the beginning and the "Antennagate" issue acted only as a solid reason for him to resign.

The issue left a big dent in the iPhone maker's reputation and led to rivals capitalising on the negative publicity. The Company tried to limit the damage by offering refunds to everyone who bought a bumper cover that corrected the issue. However, the move didn't stop influential consumer magazine Consumer Reports from refusing to endorse the new iPhone.

Will Papermaster be able to let go of his botched past with Cisco? Leave us your thoughts below.