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Blood Donor App Wins UK’s First AppJam

An App that allows blood donors to connect with each other using social media has won the “Best Overall App” title at the UK’s first AppJam in Dundee.

The iGiveadam app lets people interested in donating blood know where their local donation centre is as well as reminding regular donors when they can next give blood and sending users general public announcements. The organisers claim that the winning app has already received interest from organisations looking to publish iGiveadam internationally.

Andy Mackenzie of the hosting Dundee College Center of Creative and Digitial Industries, commented in the Telegraph: “We asked teams to think about the app’s proposed function. No matter what an app does, it needs to crack the problem that they set out to solve, which iGiveadam clearly delivered on.”

Overall thirteen teams competed in this 48 hour challenge to come up with a winning app.

The winning makers of iGiveadam will be awarded a selection of the latest Nokia handsets and a year’s subscription to, an online training organisation.