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Facebook Ban Lifted In Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian government has restored access to Facebook after banning the world's largest social networking platform for a couple of hours after it "crossed a line".

News agency The Associated Press reports that an official within Saudi Arabia's Communications and Information Technology Commission said that the platform had been temporarily blocked for going against some of the country's conservative values.

It is still not clear exactly why the platform was banned, or why the ban was lifted so quickly.

Pakistan had also banned its citizens from accessing the platform after Facebook pages encouraging people to draw an image of the Prophet Muhammad were discovered, but eventually lifted the ban after two months.

Previously, 2.5 million Muslim Facebook users had threatened to quit the platform after company removed some Islamic pages from the platform.

Facebook had said that the pages like 'I love Mohammed' and 'Quran Lovers' were being used to spread spam.

Both the Saudi Arabian government and Facebook have refused to provide a statement on the issue.