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Facebook Set To Unveil Gmail Killer Today

Social networking website Facebook is expected to debut a full-fledged web based email service that would pit it against Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.

The service - codenamed Project Titan - is expected to be launched later today during an event held at its headquarters.

It has been independently confirmed that Facebook has already purchased the domain name and it is likely that an email service will be integrated with its instant messaging and its vanity URL services.

Perhaps in anticipation of Project Titan, Google prevented Facebook from importing contact details of Gmail users, something that Google explained later as being in retaliation for Facebook's own anti-sharing practices.

Facebook already has an Inbox but only allows "friends" or "trusted contacts" to send emails and receive emails.

It is likely that the service presented later will be an extension of the latter with compulsory Facebook membership being the key USP of the service.