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GoDaddy Experiments With .co Domain

GoDaddy caused a stir over the weekend after it experimented with using ‘.co’ as the default top level domain.

The world’s largest domain registration service has since reverted back to ‘.com’ as the default option. .com domains are in increasingly short supply, and with the rise in demand for new domain names, GoDaddy was testing how .co would be received as an option.

Juan Calle, CEO of .CO Internet said: “The Go Daddy test is exciting. Permanent? Not yet. While we have a great and expanding relationship with Go Daddy, we do not expect .CO to remain as the default TLD on a permanent basis. In fact this is only a test to measure conversions, customer feedback, and much more.”

The .co domain is primarily held by the Republic of Columbia and has been priced by GoDaddy at $29.99, the BBC reports. A quarter of the revenue gained through .co domain sales will go to the Colombian government.

Even if GoDaddy has reverted back and made ‘.com’ as default, the demand for other domains is set to increase as the number of high quality .com names shrink over time. Already this year ICANN approved the registration of the .xxx domain for adult sites and three years ago domains representing an entire geographic location were opened to registration.