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HP Slate 500 Sold Out

The HP Slate 500 tablet PC has sold out within one month of its launch.

According to the Examiner, the device has primarily sold out due to low production numbers, rather than excessive demand. HP only produced round 5,000 units but has managed to sell 9,000 devices so far.

The HP Slate 500, originally planned to be a device for general use, has now been converted to be a business tool. Currently there is a six week wait for the 8.9” Windows 7-based device, the company said.

Although the demand has exceeded the supply, it is nothing in comparison to Apple’s iPad, which has sold 46,555 units per day over the last quarter.

According to HP, the test production was planned with 5,000 units in mind, but immediately after its release the company had received 9,000 orders. Because of this HP had to re-hire production workers to fill the numbers.

HP is also giving a $100 rebate on their $799 device as an apology for the delay to customers still waiting for their device.

The company has also delayed the launch of its Android-based tablets to focus more on developing a range of WebOS-powered devices.