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HTC Legend Owners On Vodafone To Get Android OS 2.2

HTC Legend users on Vodafone are set to finally receive Froyo, AKA Android OS 2.2, with the roll out having started this morning.

It seems that Vodafone has learnt its lessons from the fiasco of the Froyo release for the HTC Desire which had many users up in arms.

Surprisingly though it is the HTC Legend, one handset that is already almost obsolete and whose main characteristic and selling point was a shiny unibody aluminium enclosure.

The update is available in UK, France (via SFR) and Germany but not on HTC Legend in stock. Froyo will support for Flash 10.1, better performance, enhanced stability, the ability to transform your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and save apps to your SD card and more marketplace apps.

Vodafone is still selling the phone for a whopping £25 per month with 300 minutes, unlimited texts, 500MB mobile internet on a two year contract.

The phone though is likely to be phased out fairly quickly as it is listed as a "limited stock" item with up to four weeks wait for delivery.