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iAd Set To Announce European Launch Brands

Apple is expected to announce the name of the brands that will start the first iAd advertising campaigns in Europe.

The company launched the iPhone ad platform in the US market in July to much fanfare, teaming up with big named brands Adidas, Sears, Citigroup, AT&T, Best Buy, and Chanel initially.

Soon after the launch of the platform, reports started coming in that the process of designing and serving an ad was quite slow.

The strict controls exercised by Apple led to Adidas cancelling its $10 million contract with the company after its ad got rejected by Apple three times in a row.

The head of one digital media agency told the Financial Times: "They are expensive and a pain to deal with.”

Apple has delayed the European launch of iAd twice in the past two weeks and is even considering lowering the minimum amount to place ads on the platform in order to attract high profile brand names. FT said that early European iAd partners could be L’Oréal, Renault and Nestlé, with iAd campaigns starting to run as early as December.